MFET & Staking Process

Learn more about how to stake MFET.

As in every crypto project in MFET; the more token you stake, the more stake income you earn. You can choose the most suitable stake plan from our stake website, which is added down below.

Here is a few tips you need to know before staking your MFET tokens;

Early exit is only possible on 30 and 90 day stakes and early exit is not possible for stakes over 90 days. If you log out prematurely, 25% penalty will be applied to the amount you staked and no staking reward will be earned.

There are more stake options like; 180, 270, 360, 540 and 720 days. You can check the details from the website.

For stakes over 90 days, it is possible to collect the stake earnings once every 30 days. For example, if you made a 180-day stake and you want to withdraw your 50th day earnings, your 50-day earnings will be forwarded to you, your staking period will be restarted and you can withdraw again after 30 days. Note that your stake duration is reset when stake earnings are collected.



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