The Importance of Being Environmentalist: Building a Green Future with MFET

3 min readJul 26, 2023

Today, the importance of environmentally friendly businesses has increased more than ever. Environmental problems such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, destruction of ecosystems and waste problems constitute one of the biggest threats facing humanity. For this reason, environmental companies such as MFET (MultiFunctional Environmental Token) are driven by the goal of creating positive change for the world, rather than simply pursuing economic success.

MFET is a software company that supports environmental sustainability with DeFi-ReFi projects to measure, scale and reduce carbon footprint. This Turkey-based company raises environmental awareness and offers environmentally friendly solutions with its award-winning Balance, Journey and Paulownia Forests projects.

Carbon Footprint: Raising Awareness

MFET provides an effective platform to measure and assess people’s carbon footprint through the Balance project. Carbon footprint refers to the amount by which individuals and organisations directly or indirectly cause greenhouse gas emissions through their activities. These values are linked to factors such as personal lifestyle, consumption habits and transport choices. MFET’s processing of this data helps people understand their environmental impact and contributes to raising awareness and reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Inspiring Environmental Ambassadors: Wesley Sneijder, Taha Akgul and Änis Ben-Hatira

MFET’s environmental ambassadors include famous names; athletes and celebrities such as Wesley Sneijder, Taha Akgül and Änis Ben-Hatira set an example with their commitment to environmental values. These environmental ambassadors play an important role in raising public awareness of environmental sustainability by encouraging the public to be more sensitive to environmental issues.

MFET’s Mission and Future Vision

MFET’s aim is to build a sustainable world through environmentally friendly technologies and smart solutions. By setting an example through its own activities, the company also inspires its customers, business partners and society to adopt an environmentally friendly approach. In the future, we believe that MFET will continue to play a pioneering role, contributing to the spread of environmentally friendly technologies and increasing environmental awareness globally.

Taking Steps for an Eco-Friendly Future

The importance of environmentally friendly companies is not limited to their own activities. These companies are the guarantee of an environmentally friendly future on a global scale. Promoting environmental sustainability and raising environmental awareness in the corporate world is an important step to protect our planet. The goal of becoming an environmentally friendly company is the responsibility of all businesses and this responsibility will help us achieve the vision of building a green world by acting together.


Environmentalist companies like MFET go beyond being solely profit-orientated and take responsibility for the future of our planet. With its DeFi-ReFi projects to measure, scale and reduce its carbon footprint, MFET promotes environmental sustainability and contributes to building a green future. Each of us can take steps to support the vision of companies like MFET and work together for a more livable world by turning to environmentally friendly solutions and raising environmental awareness.