Why Are Trees So Important?

3 min readMar 9, 2023

Trees are essential for our planet. Trees, which are very beneficial for the ecosystem, have been extensively damaged, especially since the industrial revolution.

Trees are being destroyed for industry, settlement and direct use.

To understand the importance of trees, a version of a world without trees needs to be observed. This version is currently found in the poles and deserts. Extreme heat and cold are experienced in these regions. Very limited or no tree ecosystems are observed.

What would happen if there were no trees?

Oxygen is the main reason why the Earth is a habitable planet. In a world without trees, oxygen levels would drop considerably. This situation threatens life on Earth.

Forests, which are group of trees, provide shelter for many different animals. While providing them a habitat, it also protects them from possible dangers. In the absence of trees, many creatures living in the forest ecosystem would disappear.

Trees hold the soil and prevent erosion. In the absence of a group of trees to hold the soil or to protect it from external factors, the soil is eroded and removed by external elements.

Trees help to prevent or reduce the impact of natural disasters such as floods and avalanches. In areas without trees, the devastating effects of these natural disasters would be greater than ever.

Trees provide a large part of the food supply. In a negative version, there would be a shortage of food and variety.

In industries such as paper and furniture, wood is the basic raw material. Without trees, products based on these industries cannot be produced.

As the leaves and branches of trees fall on the soil, they function as humus and enrich the soil. If the soil does not have these, it turns into an infertile area.

Many people use wood for heating. In a world without trees, which are the source of wood, people would have trouble with heating.

It is known that green environments are good for human psychology. In an arid and colorless world, people would have a psychological breakdown.

As it is seen, a world without trees is not possible for the sustainability of life. Individuals and companies must take action to prevent this from happening in the near future.

What is MFET Doing to Reforest the World?

MFET realizes sustainable projects for the world. One of these projects is “Paulownia (Kiri) Forests”. MFET has created Paulownia forests on about 200 acres of land in the Saruhanlı district of Manisa.

The reason why MFET chose Paulownia trees for this project is that these trees absorb 10 times more carbon than other trees and release 6 times more oxygen into the atmosphere. Thus, the “Paulownia Forests Project” removes tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

Another project is “ReForm”. With ReForm, individuals and companies can purchase tree packages. These packages include; “Small, Medium, Family, Diamond, Emerald and Star”. Each package has a different carbon offset amount. People can buy one of these packages according to their budget.