World Environment Day

2 min readJun 5, 2023

5 June is celebrated every year as World Environment Day. This special day aims to raise awareness and mobilise action on environmental protection and sustainability issues globally. At a time when we are facing environmental problems, the importance of this day increases even more. That is why, as MFET, we put forward projects for the protection of natural resources and environmental sustainability.

Environmental problems are one of the biggest threats facing the planet. Problems such as global warming, air pollution, water scarcity and loss of biodiversity seriously affect the environment and human health. It is the responsibility of every individual and organisation to fight against these problems and find solutions.

As MFET, we offer innovative solutions to promote environmental protection and increase sustainability. In this context, Balance, a project developed by MFET, is a big step in calculating and reducing carbon footprint.

Balance is designed to help users measure their carbon footprint and create strategies to reduce it. The Balance platform enables users to measure their carbon footprint by evaluating their energy consumption, transport habits and other factors. Thus, individuals and organisations can better understand their environmental impact and take steps towards sustainable lifestyles.

At the same time, MFET also draws attention with its projects for environmental protection. The project to create a forest of paulownia trees is an example of MFET’s eco-friendly approach. Paulownia trees are known for their ability to grow fast and absorb carbon emissions.

Using these trees, MFET has created a forest to increase green areas and reduce carbon emissions. This project contributes to the protection of natural habitats, while at the same time offsetting carbon emissions and combating climate change.

World Environment Day is a great opportunity to raise environmental awareness and improve society’s sensitivity to environmental problems. It is important for every individual and organisation to fulfil their responsibilities. Steps such as adopting environmentally friendly practices, saving energy and water, paying attention to waste management, preferring renewable energy sources are important actions that everyone can contribute to.

World Environment Day reminds humanity of its responsibility to protect natural resources and the planet, and provides an opportunity to take environmentally friendly steps. As MFET, while continuing our efforts for environmental sustainability, we strive to raise awareness and mobilise individuals on this important issue.

We should not forget that future generations have the right to clean air, clean water and a healthy environment and we should do our best to protect our environment.